Country Classics?

Del Strazza
(a.k.a. Calvera)
Add dramatic excitement to your party or event with a wild west shootout skit and trick shooting display, perfect for Stampede or entertaining out-of-town clients. We are an Alberta based company that has been in business since 1998. Country Classics specializes in classic firearms of the old west and supplies firearms and ammunition to shooters from all over Canada.

The formation of the Country Classics Wild West Show is the result of a long time dream of owner/operator Del Strazza (a.k.a. Calvera). Our performers are all specially trained to perform in public and interact with your guests in a safe and responsible manner.

We hire only those who meet our strict safety standards and have demostrated proficiency in re-enacting and the Cowboy shooting sports. Some of our performers have over 25 years of experience in re-enacting show work and most are competitive shooters with years of experience and training in Cowboy Action Shooting and Cowboy Fast Draw.

All of the costumes and firearms used in our shows are period correct for the late 1800's. And yes, to answer one of our most frequently asked questions, these guns are real! Our safety standards and procedures are specifically designed to ensure that our public performances are safe and secure. We take care of all permitting required for each show and always notify local law enforcement as to where and when we will be performing.
Now you can add extra excitement to your company parties, private parties or community events.

Bring the flavour of the Old West to your special function with dramatic wild west shootouts and exciting trick shooting displays.

Our Country Classics Wild West Show features authentic costuming and real firearms from that historic period in our history and make your party or company event something your guest will remember and talk about for a long time to come.

Our indoor and outdoor gunfight scenarios are sometimes serious but always with a touch of humour.

Whatever your needs we will work with you and design a show that will make your event or party a very special and unique experience.
You can choose from a number of basic scenarios and then we will work with you to customize our performance to work best with your party or event.

Our Bounty Hunter script will produce a Wanted Poster for your special guest, client or even your Boss! ( Click here to see an example of this show performed in Longview, Alberta. ) They will attempt to arrest the person pictured on the poster but the Sheriff and his Posse will intervene and shoot it out with the Bounty Hunters to secure his or her release.

Real Weddings!        Renewal of Vows!
Joke Shotgun Weddings!

Our Preacher John is a real pistol packin' ordained Minister! He can perform real or joke ceremonies! Great gag gift or love message for Valentine's Day or as a Classic Western theme for a real June Wedding. Our ceremonies even come with shotguns included!

We can capture a guest, spouse, even your Boss! Then raise funds from the rest of your guests in return for their release. Of course there will be a couple of plot twists both before and after the money has been raised resulting in several dramatic shootouts.

We can stage holdups as guests arrive and welcome them to your party like they have never been welcomed before.

We also feature fancy trick shooting displays that will fascinate and amaze both young and old alike, this part of our show is perfect for outdoor community events and outdoor BBQ's.

Our trick shooters will engage in competitions shoot at balloons tossed into the air or pinned on various targets. Some even shoot over their shoulder at a target while sighting through a small hand held mirror. This portion of our show is especially liked by children in the crowd.

Then we stage one on one gunfights between our fastest gunfighters. Most of our performers practise Cowboy Fast Draw with a local club and can react to a target light and shoot a target in less than 4/10ths of a second, a couple of our performers can shoot as fast as 35/100ths of a second.
That's about as fast as you can blink!!

After our show we will mingle with your party guests and pose with them for pictures. This is also a great opportunity to see our classic firearms up close and talk about them with us. We also let you hold the guns, under close supervision of course, and pose with them for a picture souvenir.

We can add colour and interesting characters to your community parade or gathering, a perfect addition to your Stampede event.

Whatever your needs we will work with you and design a show that will make your event or party a very special and unique experience.

Call us for more information:

Del Strazza
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