Show Notes
This is an example of how we can design our shows in cooperation with our clients to give them a performance that fits in with the event they are organizing.

For the show on this page we were given information about a foreign business associate who was visiting the city and our client wanted to give him a big send off at the end of his visit. Using his photograph we printed out a wanted poster showing a sketched likeness of him and then developed a custom story line around it.

We also have other shows developed around various western themes that do not involve anyone from the audience.

The length of these shows can vary according to clients wishes, how many players are used and whether the show is held indoors or out. Photo opportunities with us are always available after the show.

In all our shows, safety is our main concern. For this show we used light blank loads designed for indoor use and reduced noise levels. Each performance is staged so that the shooting directions are safe and not directed toward any nearby audience members. In addition, the theatrical blank loads used in our gunfights do not contain any projectiles.

For this show the shooting direction to the right of the stage was toward a closed patio door and to the left of the stage, the area was cleared before the show kept clear by performers beside the dance floor. The bar staff was also instructed to help keep that portion of the bar area clear and as an extra precaution, bar patrons were not allowed to sit at the tables next to the shooting area until the show was over.

The audience member used in the show was not involved in any part of the shooting and not allowed into the performance area for his photo opportunity until all firearms were unloaded and cleared by our safety officer.

Country Classics Wild West Show
Experience the excitement of the Wild West!

Here is an example of what you can expect for an indoor show in a small area with an explanation of some of our safety protocols explained in the column on the left. We performed this show last fall in the Twin Cities Saloon in Longview, Alberta.

Our client was entertaining a foreign business associate and wanted to give him a flavour of western hospitality in small town Alberta. The Twin Cities Hotel was an excellent venue. The Hotel staff were very cooperative, the saloon patrons were a mix of modern day cowboys and western farmers and the live music was excellent.

The client's European guest was first treated to a steak dinner at a local restaurant then brought to the saloon for a special treat designed to give him an exciting taste of the old west.

Before our client arrived we posed for a quick group shot.
From left to right are Calvera (the Deputy), Foxy Lynn (Miss Janets friend). Hos (our Sheriff), saloon musician (on stage), Rowdy Yates (the Bounty Hunter), Miss Janet (the Saloon owner), Andy (Bounty Hunters partner)

Our client arrived with their special guest and sat down for drinks, enjoy the excellent music and take in the friendly small town Alberta atmosphere. It was not long before the European guest noticed and stared in disbelief at the Sheriff and Deputy standing at the bar dressed in old western costume and fully armed with 45 caliber six guns.
The Sheriff and his Deputy were curious about the new stranger in town. He didn't look like he belonged to these parts.
Meanwhile at the back door of the Saloon a couple of mean bounty hunters, Rowdy Yates with his drunken sidekick Andy were on the hunt for Pecos Pete, a wanted criminal and made plans to check out the Saloon to see if anyone matched the face on their Wanted poster.
Unbeknown to the foreign guest, his picture had been copied onto a Wanted poster so he now looked very similar to Pecos Pete, a wanted gun runner from the State of Texas. As the Bounty Hunters walked through the Saloon they came across the unsuspecting guest. They matched his face to the poster and told him he was under arrest for gun running. The rest of the party played along and argued with the Bounty Hunters claiming he was only a tourist and was not Pecos Pete. The Bounty Hunters insisted he was their man and started to escort him outside.
The Sherrif and his Deputy notice the distubance at the special guest's table and go over to talk to the Bounty Hunters to see what all the noise is about.
The Bounter Hunters show the Sheriff the Wanted poster and tell him they are taking the foreign visitor into custody. The Sheriff tells them that he is the only one doing any arresting in this town and to leave him alone. The Bounty Hunters argue that the man is wanted and they are within the law. The Sheriff decides they have the wrong man and tells the stranger to sit down while he settles this with the Bounty Hunters on the dance floor.

There is only one sure way to settle this dispute and that is with an old fashioned western gunfight!
They line up with the Sheriff and Deputy on the left and the Bounty Hunters on the right. The Hunters draw first and the Sheriff is wounded and goes down. Deputy Calvera fans off a couple of shots and shoots Andy (seen here in the shadows up against the wall) but the other Bounty Hunter shoots Caldera as he fires off his last round.

Miss Janet comes onto the floor to help the wounded Sheriff while Foxy stands beside her and takes on the remaining Bounty Hunter. Rowdy thinks he has this fight won, after all he is very fast with his gun. But so is Foxy!
Rowdy draws and shoots but Foxy is faster. He is hit but doesn't go down so with the help of the Sheriff on the floor, Miss Janet with her tiny but deadly deringer and Foxy fanning off her remaining rounds the Bounty Hunter goes down once and for all.

With the Sheriff attended too, Miss Janet comes forward and tells the shocked visitor from Italy that he is safe now, no one is taking him anywhere and that his drinks are on the house!
After the show is over, the actors pose on the dance floor for a photo opportunity with a very happy European visitor(center) who will take back with him some very exciting photos, memories and an amazing story to tell his friends and family.
Call us for more information on how we can best tailor and size our show to suit your individual needs and make your special event something to remember.