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Cowboy Action Shooting Video Links
Lefty Longridge
This is AGI's new Cowboy Action Shooting course featuring Two Time World Champion Lefty Longridge. He takes you through a basic training course in the most popular and fastest growing shooting game in the World, Cowboy Action Shooting.

Spencer Hoglund
Spencer Hoglund a.k.a. Lead Dispencer. All guns are single action. Shotgun starts empty. Course of fire: double tap each pistol target, double tap rifle targets, shoot down four shotgun. pistol 16" circle @ 7 yards, rifle 16" square @ 18 yards, shotgun are steel knockdowns @ 10 yards.

Spencer Hoglund-Top Gun
The SASS World Champion of Cowboy Action Shooting, Spencer Hogland a.k.a. 'Lead Dispencer' demonstrates his skill and speed during The Gunfight Behind the Jersey Lilly 2006. From the DVD of the 3 day event.

Mounted Shooting Video Links
Outlaw Annie & the CMSA

Darrah Waters a.k.a.Outlaw Annie in a documentary following the life & times of Outlaw Annie and the Cowboy Mounted Shooters Assoc.

Tammy Townsend

Tammy Townsend of Darby Montana wins the Colt Eliminator and breaks a World Record.

Cowboy Fast Draw

There are two styles of Fast Draw currently practised in North America.

World Fast Draw - Howard Darby Here Howard Darby demonstrates World Fast Draw which is a modern style using a specially designed holster and modified gun. World Fast Draw cocks the gun by fanning the hammer and the gun is fired from slightly behind the front of the holster.

Cowboy Fast Draw Association Cowboy Fast Draw is a more traditional style that uses the Sherrifs starting position with the hand on the gun to start but the hammer is thumbed and the gun barrel must be in front of the holster when fired. Cowboy Fast Draw uses a stock single action revolver and a traditional style Texas Loop quick draw holster.

Howard Darby runs the Okotoks Fast Draw Club which practises both styles every Monday night at the Okotoks Rifle and Pistol Club. New members are very welcome, come on out and try it for yourself. If you have a single action 45lc you too can experience what it was like to compete in the wild wild west. If you don't have a gun, that's okay too, we'll loan you one and fit you out with some club leather. We shoot wax bullets (also supplied) so the sport is safe and fun to do. Just email us first so we can confirm that we'll be shooting and make sure we have equipment there for you to use.

We also hold regular Saturday afternoon competitions that include two skill based events and two fun filled novelty events that allow novice shooters to have an equal chance to win prize money. Entry fee is $25 and our next shoot is Saturday, April 14th with registration starting at 12:30pm. For more information contact Howard through his web site below or email our shoot organizer.


Alberta Frontier Shootists


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