Don't get held up by hidden costs!
All Cimarrons are inspected for smooth action and proper timing BEFORE they leave the warehouse in Texas.
A Cimarron may cost a bit more but you won't have to pay extra and wait for a gunsmith to tune it up for you later. If you want a good action shooter right out of the box without the hidden costs then buy a Cimarron.
And remember, our prices include Shipping, GST and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

“In terms of quality and workmanship, this USFA Single Action is the closest thing to the Colt originals that I have yet seen.” – Shooting Times, December 2004

USFA Components
The USFA Pre War, true to the First and Second Generation SAAs, features removable cylinder and firing pin bushings. These are desirable features should the gun develop burrs around the firing pin aperture or require removal of end float.
“Colt should get USFA to make their single-actions. There, I said it. In my opinion, this made-in-the-U.S. hogleg is nicer than anything that's come from the Colt factory in a long time.”
– Guns of the Old West, Summer 2004.


We've just received word from Bondarms that in the New Year they will be introducing two new barrel options for the SnakeSlayer IV. Visit our Bondarms page for more details.

Whether you are a collector or competitor, Country Classics offers the finest in single action revolvers, rifles, shotguns and deringers used by Cowboy Action and Cowboy Mounted Shooters.

These high quality reproductions of guns of the Old West come with a Lifetime Warranty* from Country Classics. If you ever have a problem with your gun just return it to our Canadian location in Coaldale, Alberta and we will repair it free of charge.

*Lifetime warranty offer is void if guns have been modified,
mishandled or over charged.

Cimarron firearms are made by Uberti, but don't be fooled, when you buy a firearm that carries the Cimarron name you are NOT buying a standard Uberti. Cimarron contracts with Uberti to build firearms with higher quality controls than their standard production line.

Factory seconds will NOT be accepted by Cimarron.

Only those guns that meet Cimarrons higher standards are passed on to you, the customer. Cimarron guns may cost a little more but when you buy from us you know that you are getting a quality firearm.

What makes Cimarron so different?

  • Forged Steel Frames
  • Superior Cylinder and Barrel Steels
  • Superior Authenticity
  • Superior Fit
  • Superior Polish
  • Hardened & Polished Internal Parts
  • Cowboy Competition Action
  • Hand Fitted Walnut Stocks

And when you buy from us.
Don't forget our Country Classics lifetime warranty!

All firearms made by USFA are handcrafted, historically accurate re-creations of Old West guns and rifles that reflect the craftsmanship and quality of the firearms once made under the “Blue Dome.”

Bridging the gap from the past to today wasn’t easy. Starting out in the early 1990s in the old Colt factory—a million-square-foot behemoth in downtown Hartford—USFA had to train every employee from the ground up.

“There isn’t anybody alive we could have called upon in forming this company who knows how to do this work,” says company President Douglas Donnelly .

The company also had to create its own tools and processes, in many instances reaching back into time but often applying modern manufacturing techniques to create a “high-tech approach to making a low-tech product.”

In its first few years, USFA relied on many subcontractors. After moving into a modern manufacturing facility, however, it began to recognize the value of doing more in-house.

"We noticed that time, quality, and delivery, even in the US, weren’t what they could be," Donnelly says. "If we wanted to control it the way we wanted, we would have to control it ourselves. Like the originals, our Old West Guns and Cowboy Action Shooting Rifles are hand-made by skilled craftsmen, a rarity in today's world."

Early Modern Firearm's mission is to provide quality, authentic, but safe firearms at the best prices.

The amazing growth of Cowboy Action Shooting has fueled the demand for guns of the Old West. The keystone of EMF's "Cowboy Way" is to provide friendly, personal customer service, and stand behind the products they sell.

EMF is a family business that goes back 4 generations, all are accomplished shooters. Boyd A. Davis, CEO/President of EMF is also known as General U.S. Grant, SASS #2. He is a Founding Father and the President of SASS. Naturally, EMF has been a major sponsor and supporter from the earliest days of the sport and knows what features SASS shooters look for in their guns.

In 2008 they won the award for the SASS Product of the Year with the Great Western II "Alchimista", named after Alessandro Pietta aka Alchimista, SASS #41531, who personally designed it. Later that year EMF & Pietta debuted the GWII "Pony Express" revolvers designed specifically for Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

All Bond Derringers come with a lifetime warranty made in Texas by Texans.

BOND ARMS, INC. is located in Granbury, Texas and manufactures the award-winning Bond Arms derringer -- the finest in double barrel protection.

Bond Arms Snake Slayer This 9-time SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) world champion was originally organized under the name Texas Armory. The company became incorporated as Bond Arms in 1995 and was licensed by the BATF as a firearms manufacturer and dealer.

The Bond Arms derringer is now Cowboy Action Shootings top winner as the derringer of choice for World Champions in SASS Derringer classes for 10 years in a row.

Colt Manufacturing

Having died three times, it would seem that the Colt Single Action would finally remain dead and buried. Not so. The Colt Single Action is back! We could consider this the "Fourth Generation," but Colt refers to them as a continuation of the Third Generation so we will go along and also call them Third Generation Single Actions.