Loaded for Bear!
or should we say Snakes?

 Black Bart
Calgary re-enactor "Black Bart" packing three 45's and a Snake Slayer for good measure, waiting to shoot up a wedding at Fort Whoopup.

A variety of custom made holsters are available for the Snake Slayer and Texas Ranger models.

The Finest in Double Barrel Protection
The Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV and Ranger models come with a 4 1/4 inch barrel length so both can be legally imported into Canada as restricted weapons and are available from Country Classics.

Snake Slayer IV                       Please call for new pricing.

 Snake Slayer This 4 1/4 inch barrel length provides a tight shot pattern, high velocity and a manageable recoil. The 4 1/4 inch barrel comes in two caliber configerations, the dual caliber barrel will handle 45 Long Colt and a 2 1/3 or 3 inch 410 shot shell. For improved accuracy at longer rangers this barrel length comes in 45 Long Colt only.

The difference between the two is that for the 45/410 barrel to take the added length of the 410 shotshell it is only rifled for the last inch of barrel. The 45 Long Colt only barrel has longer rifling and recommended for users who only want to shoot 45's.

Texas Ranger                       Please call for new pricing.

 Texas Ranger Both guns weigh 23 1/2 ounces giving them a very solid "built like a tank" feel. The overall length is 6 1/4 inches and the height is 4 5/16 inches. They are made in the finest grade of Stainless Steel which has been heat treated for optiomum performance and durability. The extended grips distribute recoil over the palm of the hand resulting in less felt recoil and added comfort.

Bond RangerThe Texas Ranger model is the same as the Snake Slayer IV except that it has Black Ash Extended Grips with the Texas Star.

These guns are fun to shoot and finally allow Canadians to participate in SASS deringer side matches.

Please call for new pricing.

Bondarms has just informed us that two new barrel options are available and are interchangeable with the original 45/410 barrel. These barrels are now available in .38 Special/.357 and in 45 LC Only. Unlike the 410/45LC barrel, these barrels are fully rifled resulting in improved accuracy at greater distances making them ideal for SASS side matches. Up till now, these caliber options were only available in the shorter barrel lengths and not available in Canada. Both of these barrels can be used with any Snake Slayer IV or Texas Ranger models. Please call for pricing.

Due to changing shipping costs and export licensing fees, prices are subject to change without notice.