Country Classics Shooting Supplies is a Federally Licensed family business in Alberta, Canada.

Del Strazza Owner/operator Del Strazza and his son Jeff, have over forty years of combined experience in the shooting sports.
Del is a licensed gunsmith actively involved in Cowboy Action Shooting (SASS #77265 a.k.a. Calvera) and re-enacting with the Calgary based Guns of the Golden West.
Del grew up in an era when television was dominated by westerns. "Raw Hide, Broken arrow, Whiplash, The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, would be the evening program line up. Playing Cowboys and Indians with cap guns and rubber tomahawks was what kids did back then”.
Having a fascination for guns since an early age became somewhat ingrained at the age of four.
“We were visiting my Grandparents who lived on the prairie homestead near Wood Mountain Saskatchewan. My older brother and I snuck up into the attic one day and I found an old gun, I carried it down and my uncle said I could have it. The ride back home was spent in the back of the station wagon with my new gun, every cow I saw was a buffalo and every approaching car was a posse chasing us”.
Imagine driving down the hi-way today with a youngster in the back of the SUV pointing a rifle, yikes! By the way, that old gun turned out to be a 44-40 Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine.
“Shooting had been a part of daily life while growing up, and living on the farm brought plenty of opportunity to find interesting targets to shoot at with a pellet gun. I still remember mom hollering at me because she wanted to hang out the wash and I shot all her clothes pins off the clothes line or being pretty deadly shooting grass hoppers out to about thirty feet or so on the driveway”.
Del started shooting competitively as a teenager on the trap and skeet range at the local Fish and Game, and then later joining the Black Powder Club and building a Hawken. After shooting Black Powder for a number of years it was time to try something a bit more challenging and that turned out to be IPSC.
“I decided on Open Class and built my race gun. I started with an SVI frame and slide, fitting a Schuemann Barrel and SVI comp, and internals varied from Ed Brown to STI and McCormick.

Del and his son Jeff. Calgary 2007 This is when things started to grow, we were approved for a Federal Business Firearms License, and shooting was a family affair. I built guns for my wife and son to use and my daughter was the stats girl, entering competitor scores into the system. We started casting bullets and selling reloading equipment and components as well as gun parts to help with shooting expenses, the year was 1998, and Country Classics Shooting Supplies was born.

Country Classics deals in quality firearms. Why? Well Del Strazza is a licensed gunsmith and personally inspects all new guns that are sold through the company. He only sells guns he has confidence in because he personally guarantees each and every new gun he sells.
“Being involved with the shooting sports for so many years has been very enjoyable and rewarding, and the experiences and friends gained are immeasurable. The pleasures gained while teaching youngsters to shoot for the first time are indelible. Those experiences and memories are the reason we insist on quality firearms and components.
Seeing someone travel for miles to compete in an event only to be disappointed after a few shots because of gun or ammunition failure is very disheartening. This has been witnessed so many times because that bargain priced gun or re-loader was just too good to pass up. Another pit-fall was the friend of a friend who did some gunsmithing and actually ruined the gun in the process.”

Of course every gun will eventually have a breakdown, and when it does Country Classics stands by their guns as well as their customers and offers a substantial Limited Lifetime Warranty on every new gun sold. That's how confident Del is about the quality of the guns he sells.
Have you ever gone into a gun store and ended up disappointed because there was no selection or the person behind the counter couldn’t answer your questions about a gun? How about when they look at you like you have two heads when you ask about warranty? We offer you selection and warranty and will do our best to answer any questions you have.